How to reduce your appetite?

First of all, low-processed products that will help maintain a stable blood glucose level. We can regulate our appetite through the degree of food processing. Are you more saturated with orange or orange juice? The more processed the product, the shorter it will give you a feeling of fullness, usually they are also products with higher calories and lower fiber content.
Fiber swells in the digestive tract, stretching the stomach walls and sending the first signals to the brain. Therefore, make sure you have the right amount of fiber in your diet. 20-40g - this is the recommended daily intake.

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Appetite for sweets - how to deal with it?

Excessive appetite and difficulty in being satisfied with food often result from the use of an incorrect diet, very often slimming, which is not properly balanced.
An improperly composed diet poses a risk of nutrient deficiencies, including zinc. Low levels of this element appear in people suffering from bulimia and, according to the Journal Of Clinical Psychiatry, it may cause hunger for wolves. Reduced levels of chromium, responsible for glucose metabolism, may in turn increase the appetite, especially for sweet products. Regularity of meals is also important, as it helps to keep the blood glucose level constant.

Feeling hungry and full is abnormal as a result of stress, which causes serotonin levels to drop. For many people, food is strongly associated with emotions and can even compensate for something that a person lacks in life. Eating sweets can be an attempt to improve your mood in the face of stress, loneliness, accumulation of negative emotions or boredom leading to the search for new stimuli. Although it is accompanied by the awareness of the danger of excess weight, many people alleviate this anxiety… with food. Eating provides temporary relief, but it winds up the vicious cycle of overeating. Over time, neglecting your feelings and not meeting your emotional needs tends to perpetuate this habit. It has nothing to do with the body's energy needs and physical hunger. So let's answer the question what may be the cause of excessive appetite to know how to deal with it.